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Undergraduate Researcher of the Year Finalist Patrick Luberus



Mentor: Alfandiko Nyandoro

Department: SITC

Why Dr. Nyandoro nominated Patrick: Patrick has presented at the ACU undergraduate research festival for the last two years. As a McNair Scholar, he has also presented his work at the  18th annual McNair Research Conference in Niagara Falls, New York  (2012).  In March 2013, Patrick had two papers accepted for publication in the proceedings of the South West Decision Sciences Conference in Albuquerque. Both of these papers were subsequently selected for consideration in two separate journals. His paper entitled “Implementing Wake-On-LAN in Institutional Networks” is currently under review for possible publication in The Journal of Applied Business and Economics (JABE) while his other paper, “Going Green in University Computer Labs” is being considered for possible publication in  The Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice (JHETP). Patrick is a self-motivated researcher, who has developed immensely; his insights and opinions are valued in our research discourse.

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