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While at ACU, I performed polymer chemistry research with Dr. Brad Rix. This opportunity allowed me to experience first hand what it is like to work in a lab and use the scientific method to innovate while being guided by and collaborating with a professional.

Alan Ritchie


Research here at ACU has been tremendous for my own edification and has galvanized me to pursue further the things that I do not know. I have had the opportunity to go to Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and Brookhaven National Laboratory under the mentorship of Dr. Donald Isenhower and Dr. Jim Drachenberg to perform fascinating research.


Roy Salinas

Last summer, I interned with four other ACU students for the SpinQuest experiment at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. My favorite aspect of this experience was that everyone on the project, including our mentor Dr. Daugherity, was always willing to spend time explaining physics concepts to us. I learned so much from being a part of a real physics experiment and from the physics lessons that we received.


Emily Branson

I believe that research at ACU has molded me for God’s purposes. I began as a sophomore under the direction of Dr. Joshua Brokaw where I discovered my love for plants and the environment! I was later given the opportunity with Dr. Jennifer Huddleston to survey bacteria for antibiotic production. I could write a novel about how experiences impacted me, and I am thankful to carry them into my future with me into graduate school and beyond.


Destiny Brokaw


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