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Undergraduate Researcher of the Year Finalists Karli Southward and Kylee Craggett



Mentor: Stephen Baldridge

Department: Social Work

Why Dr. Baldridge nominated Karli and Kylee: I realize this typically is not a joint award, but these two students independently approached a professor while doing research for a course on community needs. Their research pointed them to the attendance issue with Woodson. They wished to continue the project after the semester was over, wanting to follow through with the problem they identified and actually change the policies for this school. They have worked to obtain outside funding, and have sought out faculty mentoring on their own. The faculty at Woodson have continually remarked on how much of a blessing it has been to have these two ladies working with them. These two students are a great example of how research can not only contribute to the profession, but can actually change the lives and the community around Abilene.

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