2023 San Francisco Spring Break Design Trip

Total Cost: link to cost and payment schedule

Link to Itinerary: A&D 2020 San Francisco Spring Break Itinerary

Link to Interest Meeting Powerpoint: Fall Interest Meeting

Number of Students Accepted: 12

Payment Includes

  • Flight to and from Dallas to San Francisco
  • Hotel (6 Nights)
  • All studio visits (including transportation to and from visits)
  • The trip will be limited to 12 students

Additional Costs to Consider

  • Transportation to and from the airport
  • Public transportation while in the city (not including studio visit)
  • Entertainment (ex. Museum Entry, Shows, etc.)
  • Meals

Hotel Information

  • Coming soon

Flight Information

  • Coming soon

Studio Visit List (subject to change)

  1. Pinterest: Everyone uses Pinterest, and they’ve got a really great in-house design team that facilitates internal print projects and external experience design exhibits
  2. Airbnb: One of the biggest brands on the planet now. It has a great in-house design team on the brand and product side along with a beautiful office space.
  3. Google: You’ve probably heard of them.
  4. Adobe: Them too.
  5. Moniker: Alumni Brent Couchman will talk about how a small studio operates in a big market working with small clients and large clients and everything in between.
  6. Manual: Design studio who works with a lot of cutting edge companies like Hyperloop, Boom Aero, etc. This is a bigger studio with quite a different background than many of the others and provides good contrast.
  7. Ueno: A digital agency that was started only a few years back, now they’re huge with offices in 4 cities across the globe and consistently working on big projects. They also have a super fun office and culture with a great vibe.
  8. Branch: An industrial design studio with an in-house graphic design team that works with startups and launches very interesting brands.