Art Event Credits

Click to Download PDFAll art and design majors must acquire 6 art/design event credits every fall and spring semester for a total of 12. Please print and fill out the attached PDF and give them to Kara Taylor before student review.

This policy is somewhat akin to the Music Department’s rehearsal credit policy. These events may include, but are not limited to:

  • Gallery openings
  • Events in the Abilene Center for Contemporary Arts
  • Lectures given by visiting artists or special event guest speakers,
  • Art & Design Chapel ( 2 credits per semester maximum),
  • Professional Chapter meetings (such as ASID or AIA),
  • Field trips to market/or businesses in the student’s field of study
  • Visits to art museums (The Grace in Abilene or museums in your home town)

All art and design majors are required to attend all student show openings. Presentations and lectures by visiting interior designers, architects and artists will also be required of all majors unless announced otherwise.

For Interior Design Majors

The interior design majors are strongly urged to attend all special presentations by designers or architects and to become student members of the ACU Student Chapter of ASID. Departmental out-of-town events can be counted with one event credit per site visited or conference presentation attended, up to a maximum of 3 credits. Students may verify this credit by turning in a travel list signed by the sponsoring professor showing their attendance.   A schedule will be provided; please make the appropriate arrangements.  To secure your event credit, turn in some kind of semi-official documentation to the main office, along with an Art Event Credit Request Form (available in the “Forms” section).  If you have a question about whether or not a particular activity will count towards your event credit, please inquire at the main office beforehand.  Students failing to provide acceptable proof of attendance may be placed on departmental probation.  Please note that in addition to these 6 events, there may be a number of departmental meetings at which your attendance will be required.