Faculty Contact/Office Hours

Robert Green – A&D Chair and Director of the Fine Art Program

Office: DM142

Office Hours: MW 3-5pm, TR 1:30-3:00pm and by appointment

Phone: 325-674-2085

Email: greenr@acu.edu

Website: robertgreenstudio.com

Geoff Broderick

Office: DM139

Office Hours: MW 11:30 am – 12:30 pm, TR 11:30 am – 1:30 pm

Phone: 325-674-2905

Email: broderickg@acu.edu

Ryan Feerer

Office: DM219

Office Hours: MW 9-11am, TR 11-1:15pm

Phone: 325-674-2088

Email: rfeerer@sva.edu

Website: ryanfeerer.com

Kenny Jones

Office: DMC 316

Office Hours: TR: 2 – 4, Friday 3 – 5pm
Virtual office hours, via email or phone* TR: 10am – Noon, weekends 2 – 4pm

Phone: 325-674-6871*, NOTE: since I have duties that often take me out of my office, the best way to contact me is email. For virtual office hours, If you’d like me to speak over the phone, email me your phone number and a time to call.

Email: kenny.jones@acu.edu

Website: http://kennyjonesart.com/

Kelly Mann

Office: DM328

Office Hours: By appointment

Office extension: 2087

Email: ksk04b@acu.edu 

Dan McGregor

Office: DM321

Office Hours: MW 1-3 pm

Phone: 325-674-2100

Email: dan.mcgregor@acu.edu

Website: mcgregorstudio.com

Romulo (Ronnie) Rama

Office: DM327

Office Hours: MW 9 – 10am & TR 1 – 3:00pm

Phone: 325-674-2085

Email: ronnie.rama@acu.edu 

Nil Santana

Office: DM221

Office Hours: MW 1:00-2:30pm

Phone: 325-674-2155

Email: nil.santana@acu.edu

Website: ydworkshop.com

Trey Shirley

Office: DM326

Office Hours: MWF 8:00-11:00am (in Honors Office)

Phone: 325-674-2487

Email: ats01a@acu.edu

Mike Wiggins

Office: DM223

Office Hours: MWF 3-5

Phone: 325-674-2055

Email: mike.wiggins@acu.edu

Website: www.teamwiggins.com