Spring Scholarship Summary

All art and design majors are required to enter the annual student competition. Entering the competition is considered as an ‘application’ for scholarship funds awarded at this event. These scholarships are competitive, awarded based on merit rather than need, and are typically offered as an encouragement to students showing exceptional promise as developing artist and designers. As a part of the competition judging process, the faculty use the entries as a representative body of work. It is assumed that you will be submitting your best work produced within the current academic year. In addition to the body of work and the categories mentioned below other criteria that are often taken into consideration include:

  • Willingness to learn in the classroom (what we often refer to as “teachability”)
  • Leadership among peers and willingness to mentor others
  • Persistence and eagerness to improve

The following categories have been awarded in the past along with typical dollar amounts (not all categories are awarded every year):

  • Two-Dimensional Fine Art ($500)
  • Three-Dimensional Fine Art ($500)
  • Photography ($500)
  • Graphic Design ($500)
  • Illustration ($500)
  • Interior Design ($500) – see additional information below
  • Architecture ($500)
  • E. W. Patten Award ($500): Given to the student who evidences promise of success in graduate work in one of the art and design studio areas.
  • Art History Award ($500): Given to a student who has performed in an exemplary way in art history classes and who shows strong potential for successful completion of graduate work in art history.
  • First Year Excellence Award ($250-$500): Given to the student who is a model of consistency of effort and accomplishment in all courses in the foundations sequence. It goes to the student who exemplifies those qualities the faculty hold to be essential for that student who will make the most of his or her undergraduate education as an art and design major.
  • Departmental Service Award ($250-$500): Given to the student who exemplifies service to the department. Whether through volunteer opportunities or involvement in art and design opportunities outside the classroom this student is enthusiastically involved.
  • Faculty Award ($500-$1000): Given to the student who exhibited high motivation to learn and develop his or her abilities throughout their undergraduate study at ACU. Consideration is given to rapport with other students as well as the faculty, and an eagerness to be involved in all class and non-class activities. The criteria for the award has to do with what the faculty believes to be the desired characteristics of an art and design major in a Christian university. (normally a senior award)
  • Exhibition Excellence Award ($500-$1000): Given to the student who has shown success and eagerness in exhibiting his/her work through competitions and exhibition. If you would like to be sure your competition/exhibition record is accurate please be sure you have followed the instructions on this page.

Interior Design Scholarships

The Interior Design Scholarships include several long-time scholarships which are awarded based on application process prior to the student show. Entry in the student Show may not be a factor for the selection of recipients. Applications are due April 15, 2013. The scholarships awarded will vary between $250 to as much as several thousand dollars. The Interior Design scholarships are funded from the Lucille Dill Scholarship, the Lilian Arledge Scholarship and the Interior Design Educational Endowment. The Interior Design program will also make recognition awards to Outstanding Interior Design Students. One Interior Design entry in the Dept. Student show will be named an Interior Design Best of Show and receive a cash award. The Donna Fowler Award (recognition and $500 award) will recognize an overall outstanding interior design student. In all, over $10,000 will be awarded in 2013.