The Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree


The BFA is a studio intense course of study designed for students with a strong commitment to a professional future as graphic designers, studio artists, or artist/teachers. Those who select the BFA degree plan are expected to exhibit a high level of competence and motivation. Post-graduate or graduate study should be a part of the future plans of the student pursuing a career in art. Those with the goal of becoming college studio art instructors should plan on graduate study terminating in the Master of Fine Arts degree. The student pursuing a BFA may, according to his or her interests and career goals, select a major concentration from the areas of graphic design, two-dimensional studio (drawing, painting and printmaking), or three-dimensional studio (sculpture, ceramics, and jewelry/ metals). Due to the large number of students studying graphic design and the sequential nature of the graphic design curriculum, special care must be taken to ensure that students pursuing this degree concentration graduate within the normal four year time frame.

Credit hours required for a BFA degree is as follows:

University Core (Liberal Arts) ______________________ 53 hours

As Specified for all degrees _______________ 44 hours

As Specified for BFA ___________________ 9 hours

General Electives ____________________________ 6 hours

Academic Advance Courses do not count for elective credit.

Art Core _______________________________________ 39 Hours

Basic Studio Selections __________________ 27 hours

Art History _____________________ 12 hours

Advanced Studio Selections _________________________ 33 hours

Studio Concentration ___________________ 21 hours

Non-Specified ________________________ 12 hours

Total Hours Required for BFA _______________________ 131 hours

Fine Print: Art hours transferred may not exceed 36 of the 72 required Art hours for the BFA degree. Furthermore, 25% of all hours taken and the last 24 hours taken must be taken at ACU. No more than 66 hours transferred from a junior college may count towards a degree. A GPA of 2.25 in major courses is required for graduation.