Fall Break Updates

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For those looking for new ways to work with your class blog after the break, here are a few plugins now available to all blog admins. To activate any of them on your blog, go to the Plugins panel on your blog Dashboard. Come by the Learning Studio if you have any trouble.

  • Random YouTube Video – This plugin is exactly what it sounds like. Activate it and you’ll see a new “Manage YouTube Videos” option in the Settings section of your Dashboard. This lets you add video links they can be randomly selected. **NOTE: you may have to “edit” your YouTube links so they match the www.youtube.com/v/youtubeID# format where the final bit is the unique ID code found in the URL. Finally, go to the Widgets panel and add the “Random YT Video” widget to your sidebar and you’re done.
  • GeoMashup – Some of you may have noticed that the WP iOS app we turned on this fall offers you the ability to add location information to your posts. This wouldn’t typically be useful, but plugins like GeoMashup can create Google maps that allow users to view a range of posts (by category, etc) based on where they were created. If you have students in the community posting content that is location-based, this could be an interesting way to visualize their content. Talk to me about digging into the power of this plugin.
  • WordTwit Pro – We’ve offered plugins in the past for pulling Twitter feeds into the sidebar, but WordTwit Pro now allows you to update users of activity to your blog with tweets sent when you publish a post. To edit settings to your Twitter accounts, check the WordTwit Pro panel now at the bottom of your Dashboard sidebar.
  • Capability Manager – If you’ve ever wished you can change what students with a certain WordPress role could do on your blog, this plugin will allow you to revise those capabilities. Once activated, look for the Capabilities option under the Users panel in the Dashboard to make changes.
Thanks again to users who sent in plugin upgrade requests. Feel free to send future requests along to me or the Help Desk.

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