ACU Entrepreneur Bootcamp                                                                                                            

The ACU Entrepreneur Bootcamp is a full-day training program designed for aspiring entrepreneurs in the Abilene area. The training session assists two types of individuals: those who are interested in entrepreneurship but do not have a specific concept in mind, and those who have a business concept and need help launching the venture.

The bootcamp concentrates on the key tools, perspectives and approaches used to successfully create and launch a business.  Presenters include ACU faculty members and successful area entrepreneurs. The presenters will share advice and expertise, focusing on applying concepts and ideas to the attendees’ business ventures.

ACU Entrepreneur Bootcamp takes place Aug. 10 from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. in ACU’s Hunter Welcome Center.  Space is limited and prior registration is required. Early registration is available for $99 per person through Aug. 1.

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