About Us

COBA Mission 

We educate business and technology professionals for Christian service and leadership throughout the world. This mission is accomplished through: 

  1. Holistic student learning and development – We seek spiritual, academic, and professional growth over the life of each student through exemplary teaching, experiential learning, and relationships with Christian faculty, professional staff, and engaged alumni.
  2. Research and innovation – We engage faculty, staff, and students in scholarly and practitioner research as well as innovation and entrepreneurship that impacts the university, academy, church, industry, and society.
  3. Service and leadership – We marshal the resources, gifts, and diversity of this Christian community to meaningfully serve and lead in the university, academy, church, industry, and society.


COBA Vision

We inspire, equip, and connect Christian business and technology professionals to honor God and bless the world. This will result in a college of business and technology with:


  1. Distinctive programs – We offer academic programs that excel among our regional competitors in Texas and nationally in Christian higher education. 
  2. Lifelong relationships – We cultivate a vibrant, lifelong network of Christian business and technology professionals that blesses Abilene, Texas, and the world.

COBA Values 

As a Christian college of business and technology, we call our members to: 

  1. Faith and vocation – We encourage an active Christian faith by engaging in habits, communities, and work that emphasize integrity, gratitude, service, and giving. 
  2. Learning and innovation – We foster broad, lifelong learning among diverse faculty, staff, students, and alumni, encouraging research and innovation to enable student growth and broader impact. 
  3. Students and relationships – We focus on the developmental needs of business and technology professionals, nurturing lasting relationships from residential students to adult learners to engaged alumni.
  4. Excellence and impact – We uphold high moral and professional standards of excellence for faculty, staff, students, and alumni, calling each person to a life of service and leadership that glorifies God and transforms communities and society.