There are many factors that go into determining the quality of a job. These components include: the company’s culture, how well you work with your co-workers, and whether or not you enjoy the work itself.

Kelsey Davis, a 2012 graduate who studied Management, has found an ideal blend of these three components at her job as Assistant to the CEO of CRU International. CRU International, a dinnerware company, designs fine china and drink ware that is sold in stores like Macy’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Dillard’s.

Kelsey (holding the black and white dishes) with her CRU Co-Workers

CRU International, which was founded by ACU alum Darbie Angell, has a unique culture that allows Kelsey to integrate her faith and her work. Interestingly enough, CRU is dedicated to incorporating social responsibility into their business model. In fact, CRU is perpetually partnering with various social ventures, some of which have included donating coffee presses to developing countries and partnering with St. Jude’s Hospital.

Another reason Kelsey loves her job is that she’s found it to be an incredible community that constantly spurs her on to be a better worker and a better person of faith. She describes this experience by saying, “I am humbled to work for a company where all the co-workers continually encourage each other and work so well together as a team.”

Kelsey is not only able to work with people she loves; she is also able to fill a wide variety of functions in the company. “Fortunately my job role changes on a day-to-day basis,” explains Kelsey. “I am privileged to do everything from handling our shipping logistics to helping create a strong brand for CRU.”

So how do graduates smoothly transition straight from the world of academia to the world of industry?

Kelsey landed her job with CRU International as a result of an internship she had the summer before her senior year. Because CRU International is a relatively new company, Kelsey has been fortunate enough to witness a lot of exciting growth during the time that she has interned and worked for the organization.

Kelsey Davis, of CRU Dinnerware

One example of this success is the company’s recent partnership with Disney.

“Disney actually reached out to Darbie [CEO of CRU International] and asked her to design their first ever Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Dinnerware line,” explains Kelsey. “Never in a million years would we have thought Disney would contact us to co-brand with them.”

As if her job didn’t sound good enough already, what Kelsey really loves is the way in which she can see God through it. “Honestly, seeing how God can use imperfect people to create something much bigger than themselves is unbelievably rewarding,” says Kelsey. “I find so much passion in helping market products that I know will help bring others relief and joy around the world.”

Like many COBA graduates, Kelsey believes she can attribute much of her success in the workforce to COBA and its outstanding faculty. Kelsey elaborates, saying,

“Not only did COBA provide a solid educational foundation, but the professors made it evident that if we dreamed big, we could accomplish anything that God called us to do.”

Where will God’s call lead you?