COBA’s Amy Morris had the opportunity to shadow COBA alum Chad Baker, Executive Vice President and Regional Director of Jones Lang La Salle, for two weeks this past summer. She was able to gain hands on experience by attending meetings, conference calls, and strategic development sessions with Chad. Amy learned several things about the commercial real estate business,  but more valuable than that, she learned how to conduct herself humbly and honorably in tough business positions. She explains how true character truly reveals itself in those hard circumstances dealing with different people and that until you are actually out in the world and experiencing this hands on, you do not have a good feel for how to handle certain situations.

Chad Baker strongly believes in the shadowing concept and how it can give students a vision for their career choice. “I believe young adults can utilize the shadowing concept to obtain a vision (or glimpse) of various professions/professionals and to begin internalizing the path to pursue in their lives today which would lead to fulfilling their respective vision…with God’s blessing and favor.” As students begin to start their journey in the workplace, shadowing older and mature believers and leaders in the business world is the perfect way to see how students can start to discover and utilize their God-given gifts in whichever career path they choose.

amy morris

“I was so blessed by my experience with Chad, and I would encourage others to find an opportunity to find and shadow a mentor. I have discovered that many professionals are eager to share their knowledge with college students; all we have to do is ask! There are few substitutes for real life experience.”