Strengthening business and technology professional development

COBA Edge is designed to help students take intentional steps each semester to prepare for entry into the professional world of work. Intentional professional development planning in college is critical for students to successfully compete for and gain internships and jobs. Students who begin this process their first year of college have significant advantages over students who do not.


My largest area of personal and professional growth came from gaining responsibility “to perform tasks that will actually be seen by clients. I never felt an overwhelming fear of making a mistake. Instead, I learned to have a healthy understanding that I must constantly give my best work.”

Luke Stevens

Senior Marketing Major, Pharos Resources, LLC Intern

Don’t just search for what might look good on your resume. Look for something that will pertain specifically to you and your journey. Pray over all your offers to choose the right one, and don’t be so downcast over your rejections.

Jemimah Wavamunno

Junior Management Major, Intern for U.S. House of Representatives in Washington, D.C.,