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Carolyn Thompson photos

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Designs on eLearning workshop

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Behind the Scenes, Fall 2014

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Portraits and Night Shots

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Behind the Scenes

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Some fun snaps from the weekend. Thanks for joining us. K

Photos from Jack Maxwell

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Scott’s group photo

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Behind the scenes

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Nathan Driskell’s Marfa Photographs

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Night Shooting in West, West Texas

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Thanks to all of you who joined us this weekend in Marfa for a phenomenal workshop with Scott Martin.

Once you get back home and have some time to look back over your favorite photos, please take a minute to share 5-10 of your best to the blog. The process is simple. Here are instructions for getting your images posted:

Check back to the blog for photos from others this week by clicking on the red link for EMAIL BLOG POSTS in the right sidebar.

Scott Martin

For those who couldn’t join us, here are links to some of Scott’s work highlighted in Wired magazine. Really stunning images.



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  1. Kyle Dickson on Lighted Chimney
    3:41 pm, 04.20.12

    Remind me who was crouched down at the bottom of the chimney, completely ruining your shot. Is that me or Dan?

  2. Love the profile of Michael while we were taking his other portrait. Got to say, lightpainting at dusk was far more interesting than I expected.

    Still love the fireplace shots. Gorgeous.

  3. Kyle Dickson on Pybus Portfolio
    5:12 pm, 03.06.12

    Lots of folks found ways to take the iconic images of a water tower, a windmill, or the facade of the dance hall and help us see them again. Love the reflections shot. What time of day was that? Seems to blend from day to night across the image.

  4. Kyle Dickson on Places by Kenny Jones
    5:10 pm, 03.06.12

    Great weekend all the way around. Thanks to everyone for posting pics. I absolutely love the contrast of intertwining branches and architectural stability playing off of one another. Great images that focus our attention.

  5. Kyle Dickson on Behind the scenes (nil)
    6:11 pm, 03.05.12

    I like being turned into an apparition in the nighttime shot. We certainly need to take another group out for lightpainting this spring. Let’s look at dates for Fort Phantom.

  6. Kyle Dickson on Suanna Davis pictures
    11:32 pm, 10.24.11

    Lots of great images here, but I love how the windmill slowly emerges out of the tree. Really nice image.

    Thank Ron for us for sharing his expertise along the way as well.

  7. Kyle Dickson on All God's Creatures
    11:07 pm, 10.24.11

    I’m looking into the glitch in the post by email that gives me all the credit for everyone’s work, but who shot the animals (not literally)?

  8. Kyle Dickson on CBP Gruene Photos
    10:49 pm, 10.24.11

    Love the surface of the water in the pump pic and the divided left-turn sign in the reflection. Thanks to the Powells for joining us during a busy weekend. Great shots.

  9. Kyle Dickson on behind the scenes
    12:48 am, 10.24.11

    Love this tribute to the cameras that make it all possible. My dad said tonight that the first camera he ever bought was an Argus that captured our first family pictures from their wedding on, replaced soon by a Mamiya with removable lenses and slide film. I’ve owned many cameras but was thinking this weekend about the first digital cameras that grew up alongside my children–some of the first pictures of my son were taken on a Sony Mavica that saved 640×480 images to floppy disk.

    For all the ways that photography is about much more than just gear, cameras can become uniquely personal tools.

  10. Kyle Dickson on Bob's light painting pics
    11:00 am, 09.28.11

    The first shot is really striking. I think you’ll be surprised by some of the visual information that is in there once you get this into your software. Were you shooting RAW or JPEG?