PGC is excited to announce that a recent research paper presented at the November, 2016 GLearn conference in Washington, DC. has been featured in the Google Scholar alerts for this week! The paper features authorship of four generations and references the 2014 and 2016 Texas Silver-Haired Legislature Town Hall Meeting. #PGCACU

Here is the citation supplied by Google Scholar

[PDF] Civic Participation, Public Sphere Pedagogy, and Blended Learning Produce an Intergenerational Town Hall Meeting

H Teague, C Pruett, C Kyker, A Bryan – E-Learn: World Conference on E-Learning in …, 2016
Abstract: This paper describes an Intergenerational Town Hall Meeting including six
generations of participants. This paper establishes the protocol of the Town Hall forum
mediated by intergenerational, civic participation, blended learning technology and social media…
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