Now it is time for our Images of Aging contest winners to tell “the rest of the story” about their photograph! Over the next few days our student photographers give their extended caption for the photos they submitted to our contest!


Here is the extended caption from Emily Adams’ photo, My ‘Spec-tacular’ Granddad.

Emily Adams
Mobile Category, “My Spec-Tacular Granddad” –click on the photo to see full resolution

“This is my granddad, Lee. I am entering this photo into the mobile category under the title “My ‘Spec-tacular’ Granddad.” My granddad is 77 years-old, and the absolute kindest person I know. He is a retired school bus driver, and avid YMCA attendee. He and my Nana have been married for over 40 years, and have raised 8 children and many of their grandchildren. After 3 bouts of cancers of differing kinds, 2 knee replacement and 1 hip replacement surgeries, I am completely convinced that he is a superhero. His love for his family and his love for God emanate from him in a tangible way. His positivity and laughter are contagious. He is the most beloved granddad in the world!”






Emily’s photo earned 1st place in the Mobile category.  Continued congratulations, Emily! 





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