The holidays can be a lonely time for the elderly. Loved ones pass away and family members visit the other side of the family. Since it can be a lonely time for the elderly, it is our job to help relieve their sadness. 

Here are a few ideas on how to relieve senior loneliness:

  • Visit a friend or loved one and ask if anything is bothering them. If they start telling you their problems, actively listen to them and give them suggestions on what to do about it. Conversations can help relieve them of the feelings that they have been having and make them feel better.
  • Tell them how much they mean to you and that they are a blessing in your life.
  • Give them encouragement and love by giving them a thoughtful gift.
  • Take them to a local holiday event. This could be driving to see Christmas decorations, attending a holiday party, or watching a Christmas movie.
  • Decorate their home to help them get into the spirit of Christmas.
  • Bring them Christmas foods, such as hot chocolate, candy, or Christmas cookies.