In the United States today, type 2 diabetes is highly prevalent among our older adult population.

Keeping this in mind, it is important to watch out for early signs in order to treat this condition as quickly as possible. Lack of treatment can cause damage to the body.

The early signs of diabetes are:

Hunger and Fatigue-If the body does not make insulin, or if the cells resist insulin, then your body will have no energy. This will make you feel tired and hungry more than usual.

Dry Mouth and Dry Skin-The fluid levels in the body change which leaves the skin dry, as well as the mouth. It can be easy to get dehydrated, and it is important to make sure to increase water intake.

Blurred Vision– Due to changing fluid levels, the eyes will become more dry and the lenses will swell. This causes the lenses to change shape and lose focus.

Slow Healing Wounds– High blood pressure over time will cause nerve damage and as a result, the body will take more time to heal.

Increased Water Intake– With diabetes, the body makes more urine which will require the intake of more fluids.