The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder! It is almost Fall! With the arrival of Fall comes the opportunity for wholesome & life enriching activities. Here are some ideas of activities you can enjoy this Fall! We hope you remember to have some fun this Fall, and enjoy this beautiful season. Be sure to share with us your favorite Fall fun activities!

Enjoy the natural scenery and fresh air. Fall is a wonderful time to enjoy nature. Bundle up and take in the fresh air. Admire the beautiful colors all around! Here are some ideas:
  • walk through a local park
  • take a stroll through the neighborhood
  • relax on the porch with a good book and your favorite hot drink
  • open the windows a crack to let the fresh air IN!
Prepare festive homemade treats. There is nothing quite like the smell of warm pumpkin bread on a crisp Fall morning. Or the taste of homemade soup after a nice walk outside. Here are the links to some great recipes to try:
Put together Fall themed crafts. There is something very relaxing about sitting down by the fireplace and working on your favorite crafting hobby on a crisp Fall day. Here are some craft ideas for you to do this Fall:
  • make a Fall garland out of pine cones and leaves that you gather yourself
  • Fall themed coloring pages
  • Fall themed watercolor
  • Cross stitch or embroider cup towels/napkins for loved ones (good to get a head start on Christmas presents!!)
Visit a Fall Pumpkin Patch! Disability Resources Inc. has a great annual pumpkin patch that doubles as a fundraiser for a great cause. Look out for more details about this one here: are some fun pumpkin activity ideas:
  • Pumpkin painting
  • Pumpkin carving
  • Pumpkin “planting” ( this is where you place a layer of moss over the top of the pumpkin and then decorate it with succulent cuttings.. when the pumpkins dies you can plant the succulents in the pot and the pumpkin acts as compost!)
  • Bake pumpkin seeds- or even a homemade pumpkin pie!
Indoor Gardening. In many areas of the country, Fall means the end of the gardening season. However there are so many ways that a person can continue their passion for botany all year. Here are some great ideas for indoor gardening:
  • Pegboard planter
  • Ladder/shelf planter
  • Utility cart potholders
  • Various plant stands

Check out this link: for more ideas about indoor gardening, along with pictures of those listed above.

Happy Fall! We hope it’s a wonderful season for you, and that you will enjoy some these fun Fall activities we have suggested for you!