A number of studies have linked regular exercise to a lower risk of hip fracture- a potentially disabling or even fatal injury for older adults. Every year, over 300,000 aged 65 or older are hospitalized for a broken hip.

A study of more than 77,000 older U.S. Women, took a deeper look at the types of exercise that are related to the risk of hip fracture and other bone breaks.

Researchers have discovered that women who exercise regularly at any intensity, have a lower risk of hip fracture. The research all suggested that even light-moderate activity is enough to curb the risk of serious injuries.

Low impact activities do not seem to have a major effect on bone density. Muscle strength in the lower body, balance and agility, are factors involved in the likelihood of fractures due to the fact that most are the result of falls.

Women who regularly got moderate to vigorous exercise, such as brisk walking or jogging, had a 12% lower risk of hip fracture than those who were less active.

Sitting less and moving more is key in an older adult’s overall health. Movement helps people improve stamina and muscle strength. It also reduces symptoms of anxiety & depression.

All of our information came from Usnews.com.


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