Gabe Fisher Hospice Chaplain with Hospice of the Big Country kindly took the time to tell us a little bit about what he does for Careers in Aging Week.

What do you do as a Hospice Chaplain?

My primary role is to provide emotional support, spiritual care, and resources/services to people with a terminal diagnosis and their families. While my approach to care is grounded in my faith and my hope is for all to know God, I get to serve people with a wide range of backgrounds and beliefs. I work to sustain people’s faith during crisis and change, guide processing and debriefing, encourage spiritual reflection and growth, and try to nurture people to a place of peace, purpose, and reconciliation.   

What is your favorite part of working with older adults?

I love when someone decides to share a meaningful story or detail. Every story and memory is held onto and retold for a reason, and I feel privileged to get to listen. 

Gabe Fisher is also a Doctoral Fellow with Siburt Institute for Church Ministry and writes regularly for their blog Mosaic 

Gabe Fisher
Hospice Chaplain
Hospice of the Big Country