I had the opportunity to interview Marci Williams, who is a director of rehabilitation at Wisteria Place Skilled Nursing and Rehab and therapy resource for Ensign Services, for Careers in Aging Week! Here is her account on working with older adults:


What do you do as a Physical Therapist?

As a physical therapist, we provide rehabilitation/care for the geriatric population in a skilled nursing setting. The majority of our patients are orthopedic patients, CVA, general medical management, cardiac, etc. At Wisteria, we provide skilled physical, occupational, and speech therapy in regards to the rehabilitation process.

What is your favorite part of working with older adults?

Without a doubt, their motivation. They are generally very motivated to get better mentally/physically. They work very hard to return home at prior level of function. The second favorite part is getting to listen to their stories. They enjoy sharing stories about their life in general, their family, and the way they “grew up”.