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Christianity Today International Study Series

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Experiencing God’s Story of Life and Hope: A Workbook for Spiritual Formation (J. Scott Duvall)

Practical and realistic, Experiencing God’s Story of Life and Hope leads believers through the process of growing spiritually. Bringing his skills and expertise to bear, Scott Duvall guides readers as they look at what they believe, how they behave, and who they are becoming-three essential considerations in spiritual growth. Each brief, four-to-five page lesson begins with a close examination of Scripture and ends with personal application. In each chapter, Duvall teaches Christians a thoroughly biblical approach to spiritual maturity, allowing God to work in their lives. Praise for Experiencing God’s Story of Life and Hope: “Everybody talks about the integration of biblical studies, theology, and spiritual formation, but few do it well. This clear and practical workbook is a delightful exception. . . . Scott Duvall writes as both pastor and professor, using an engaging style full of illustrations and relevant quotations. The volume will serve as an excellent textbook for courses on spiritual formation as well as for theology courses that seek to take students beyond propositional truth to the transformation of the soul.” -Mark L. Strauss Professor of New Testament, Bethel Seminary “Everything Scott Duvall writes is clear, accurate and relevant. This latest work is no different. A miniature systematic theology, with implications for spiritual formation, it includes workbook style questions on both content and application of key texts. Belief, behavior, and becoming are all coordinated for each major Christian doctrine. An outstanding primer for the novice, the book can also stimulate review, repentance, and refreshment for the seasoned believer. Highly recommended.” -Craig Blomberg Distinguished Professor of the New Testament, Denver Seminary “Scott Duvall addresses head-on the perennial student question of So what? with guided questions to help students see why spiritual formation matters. A popular and beloved professor, Duvall’s twenty years of college teaching and pastoring have resulted in a book of profound truth with insightful simplicity.” -E. Randolph Richards Dean of the School of Ministry, Palm Beach Atlantic University “Here is an approach to the spiritual life permeated with biblical wisdom-theological, applicable, readable, and eminently useful. A primer on knowing Jesus and following Him in today’s world.” -Timothy George Dean of Beeson Divinity School of Samford University Senior Editor, Christianity Today “Scott Duvall has made another solid contribution to theological education with his latest work on spiritual formation. His workbook is doctrinally sound and practical in application. . . . This workbook promises to become a main text for colleges and seminaries that are serious about spiritual formation development for their students.” -Craig Price Dean of Students, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary J. Scott Duvall is professor of New Testament at Ouachita Baptist University, a Christian liberal-arts college in Arkansas. He is coauthor of the popular Grasping God’s Word: A Hands-On Approach to Reading, Interpreting, and Applying the Bible, as well as Journey into God’s Word, The Dictionary of Biblical Prophecy and End Times, Preaching God’s Word, Biblical Greek Exegesis, and The Story of Israel: A Biblical Theology.


Experiencing the Heart of Jesus Leader’s Guide (Max Lucado)

Do you have a basic understanding of Christ, but long for a deeper experience of Him? Through clear biblical teaching as well as his engaging stories Max Lucado will help you not only understand, but taste, touch and see the freedom, grace and joy that Christ provides. The Experiencing the Heart of Jesus workbook includes 50 intimate lessons in 10 chapters, 5 weekly follow-up lessons, and room to reflect and journal. The workbook stands alone and can be used for individual or group study. Take this opportunity to explore and experience the indescribable riches of Christ’s love!

Five Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith  Participants Guide (Andy Stanley)

Interactions (Bill Hybels, Kevin and Sherry Harney)

  • Essential Christianity: Pratical Steps for Spiritual Growth. You can learn to conduct spirited discussions with others as you explore the basics of faith — principles deeper and more far-reaching than you may have imagined.
  • Getting a Grip: Finding Balance in Your Daily Life. With this volume of the Interactions Small Group Series you will move toward wise choices and disciplined action in five vital areas of your life: your time, your health, your finances, your spiritual life, and your relationships.
  • Reaching Out: Sharing God’s Love Naturally – You can develop your own evangelism style–one that fits your personality like a glove. Discover the meaning and importance of sharing your faith and learn the motivation and mind-set behind evangelism.
  • Significance: Understanding God’s Purpose for Your Life  – Discover a strategy for becoming all God wants you to be. God has a plan for your liberation, and He has provided the power needed to put this plan into action.
  • Transformation: Letting God Change You from the Inside Out – This study will help you recognize and cooperate with God’s transforming influence in your life. You’ll learn proven ways of responding to God’s guidance that will keep you growing closer to Him.

Living a Transformed Life: Building Character Together (4 Books: Authenticity, Faith, Friendship, Obedience)

What does it take to build character? How do you instill godly qualities inside yourself that are displayed consistently through words, actions, and attitudes that reflect what Jesus himself is like? Building Character Together takes you and your small group inside the Bible to learn character-building lessons from some of its most compelling figures. In six enjoyable, interactive sessions, each volume in this six-volume series helps you deeply explore the complex issues of developing Christian character. Combining study, discussion, and shared experiences, here is a pathway to growth both individually and as a group. Explore the lives of David, Mary Magdalene, Jacob, and other men and women of the Bible. Learn lessons from their successes and failures and from their relationships with God and other people that you can readily link to yourself and your own life circumstances. Enjoy frank discussions that draw you and other group members deeper into each others’ lives. And put it all into action in a one-day group retreat, a service project, a mini-mission work, and other experiences that help you make the leap from good words to good works.




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