Who is eligible to present?

Any student who performed undergraduate research from the April the year before the Research Festival until the current Research Festival. This includes students who graduated December before the Research Festival.

I did research outside of my university, can I still present?

Yes! Many students have done research in summer research programs at other universities. We would love to hear about your experiences.

You can put the name of your research mentor at your university as your mentor or have a faculty member from your department here be your mentor for the Research Festival. It is strongly recommended that you have a faculty member proof your abstract before you submit it.

I did independent research and did not have a faculty mentor, can I still participate?

Yes! You have to options on filling out the Abstract Submission Form. You may put “none” in the blanks about the Research Mentor. A better option would be to have a member of your department act as your mentor for the Research Festival. They can help you with crafting your abstract and presentation.

Do you have to be an ACU student to participate?

No, all university students from Abilene are invited to participate.

I may have a conflict on one of the days, what can I do?

The Abstract Submission Form has a blank in which you may communicate potential conflicts to us.

Are there prizes?