Three (3) Outstanding Poster Presentations in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics:

   Hillary Eichelberger and James Huddleston
   When Being a Variant is Advantageous: A Role for Chromatin Remodeling After TBP                  Recruitment, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sarah Lee, ACU Chemistry and Biochemistry

   Charles Holt and Jacob Lowry
   Phenyl Acrylate Synthesis, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Brian Cavitt, ACU Chemistry and                            Biochemistry

   Jonathan Urbanczyk
   Effect of Crystal Absence on Heat Resistance of Bacillus Spores in SEA and BHI, Faculty              Mentor: Dr. Gary Wilson, McMurry University Biology

Two (2) Outstanding Poster Presentations in the Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts:

   Wiepie Rojas
   Food Disparity: A Glance at the Navajo Reservation, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Michael                       Nicodemus, ACU Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

   Katie Thornton, Morgan Myer, and Elizabeth Ellery
   The Monster of Sexualized Children’s Media, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Shewmaker, ACU      Psychology

Three (3) Outstanding Oral Presentations in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics:

   Allison Songstad
   Global Gene Expression Analysis in the Mdr1a Knockout Rat, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Autumn        Sutherlin, ACU Chemistry and Biochemistry

   David Reynolds
   Finding the Best Solution among Multiple Optimal Solutions, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jason            Holland, ACU Mathematics

   Walker Nikolaus
   Studying What’s inside the Proton, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Rusty Towell, ACU Engineering and      Physics

Three (3) Outstanding Oral Presentations in the Social Sciences:

   Jared Perkins
   Congregations in Community: An Analysis of the Effects of Congregation Location on Social    Welfare Involvement, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Suzie Macaluso, ACU Sociology and Family Studies

   Wiepie Rojas
   “Gardening with Grace:” The Effectiveness of a Community Garden on Building Community,       Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jonathan Camp, ACU Communication

   Farron Salley
   Framing Net Neutrality: The Media Coverage of Media Ownership, Faculty Mentor: Dr.              Susan Lewis, ACU Journalism and Mass Communication

Three (3) Outstanding Oral Presentations in the Humanities and Arts:

   Allye Foster
   The Illusions of Sex on TV: The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Faculty Mentor: Dr.            Lauren Lemley, ACU Communication

   Austin Holt
   What Happened to Lament?, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Glenn Pemberton, ACU Bible, Missions and    Ministry

   Margaret Moore
   Constitutive Rhetoric and the Taqwacore Culture, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Lauren Lemley, ACU       Communication