Outstanding Poster Presentation in Science, Technology, Engineering and

  • Blaine Smith, Senior Biology major – “Klotho protects lung epithelial cells against oxidant DNA damage” 
  • Ben Cobb, Freshmen Biology major – “Chemotherapy’s Major Flaw: Revealing Stress’ and Dexamethasone’s Counter-Productivity in Chemotherapy”
  • Zack Morgan, Senior Biology major – “Establishing recA as a Gene Involved in Natural Transformatin among Aeromonads” 

Outstanding Poster Presentation in Social Science, Arts and Humanities

  • Stephanie Fink, Senior Art major – “Lagniappe: an unexpected gift” 
  • Elizabeth Ellery, Senior Psychology major – “Social Modeling in Media from Aardvarks to Zombies: A comparison of prosocial and aggressive themes in Mattel’s Monster High and Public Broadcasting System’s Arthur” 

Outstanding Oral Presentation in Science, Technology, Engineering and

  • Andrew Miller, Senior Physics major – “PyCBC: A Toolkit for Advanced-Detector Era Gravitational Wave Data Analysis”
  • Adam Simpson, Senior Physics and Mathematics major – “Imaging sound to measure thermal contact between AlN and Si”
  • David Reynolds, Senior Mathematics major – “Bridges on a Tile Floor” 

Outstanding Oral Presentation in Social Science

  • Kholo Theledi, Junior Family Studies and Gerentology major – “Analysis of Political Inequality”
  • Dylan Brugman, Senior Political Science and Sociology major – “Examining Gender Relations in the Book of Twilight.”
  • Kaitlyn Howell, Senior Education major, and Ellen Smith, Senior English – Teaching major – “The role of reading response in two elementary classrooms: A comparative case study”

Outstanding Oral Presentation in Arts and Humanities

  • Rebekah Horton, Senior English and Marketing major – ‘Epiphanies as a Structure in “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man’” 
  • Heather Kregel, Senior English major – “Physicians in the Literature of Arthur Conan Doyle and Robert Louis Stevenson: Portraying the Icons of Changing Times”
  • Toni Maisano, Junior Communicaion major – “More Than Just a Piece in Their Games: A Rhetorical Analysis of Identification in ‘The Hunger Games’” 

Mentors of the Year:

-Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Undergraduate Research Mentor of the Year 

  • Dr. Brian Cavitt, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

-Arts and Humanities Undergraduate Research Mentor of the Year

  • Dr. Lauren Lemley, Department of Communication

-Social Sciences Undergraduate Research Mentor of the Year

  • Dr. Stephen Baldridge, School of Social Work