Name: Chandler Graf

Major: Biochemistry

Classification: Junior

Hometown: Georgetown, TX

Mentor: Dr. Autumn Sutherlin

Why I’m interested in research:It is something that I really enjoy doing. It adds quite a bit of depth to the field that I am studying, to actually see how these things play out in a lab setting. As I hope to pursue a career as a medical professional, research is something that I hope to continue, as it drives the best possible care that can be given to patients.

What I study: My research is in the field of biochemistry, investigating interaction between proteins in a bacterial enzymatic pathway in hopes to better understand and bacterial metabolism, and synthesis of more effective antibiotics.

Conferences Attended:

  • Attending SNO conference (Society of Neuro Oncology) in November 2015


  • “Familial Predisposition to High Grade Astrocytoma (Presenting at SNO Conference)”
  • Pending: “New Directions and Perspectives in the Management of Posttraumatic Seizures”