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Name: Kayla Holcomb

Major: Computer Science

Classification: Junior

Hometown: Wichita Falls, TX

Mentor: Raymond Pettit

Why I’m interested in research:I do research to prepare for grad school and build my resume. It has provided me with many opportunities to apply and build upon the concepts I learn in my classes.

What I Study: My research is in the field of Computer Science education, specifically the development and use of automated tools to accept student programming submissions and assess them for style, correctness, and other similar measures.

Conferences Attended:

  • Awaiting admission to SIGCSE 2016 (presenting research)


  • Co-Author of a published paper through ASEE 2015 (American Society of Engineering Education)
  • Poster submission in for the 2016 ACM SIGCSE (Special Interest Group, Computer Science Education) Conference