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Name: Julia Taylor

Major: Biochemistry

Classification: Sophomore

Hometown: Abilene, TX

Mentor: Dr. Sarah Lee

Why I’m interested in research:I love to research because, in most compulsory labs, the answer to the question asked of me is already known and established. I know the “right” answer already, and am simply trying to replicate accepted results. In research, we are in uncharted waters. We may have speculations and expectations, but there is no guarantee that they will be met. This inspires my curiosity and passion for the world around me.

What I study : Biochemistry- We work with transcription mechanisms and gene expression in yeast. By stimulating various types of stress and tracking the transcription responses of different genes, we can investigate the role that said genes have in the life and survival of a cell.

Conferences Attended:

  • 2015 TAS Meeting


  • Outstanding Poster Presentation in the STEM category at ACU Undergraduate Research Festival 2015