Name: Laura Hill

Major: Psychology

Classification: Junior

Hometown: San Antonio, TX

Mentor: Cherisse Flanagan

Why I’m interested in research:I am doing research to build my resume up for graduate school. I know that it is highly valued by schools and I want to be as prepared as possible for my future. Also, I am a McNair scholar and is required that we participate in research. I hope that my experience with research will help me get funded for graduate school so that I do not inquire more debt.

What I Study: My McNair research project was on the correlation between experience of love and depression. Experience of love being that you believe you receive love or do not receive love, regardless of whether you actually do or not. My second research project was on the relationship that makeup has on anxiety levels. The idea was that women where makeup because they feel anxious if they do not. This project was done with two other Psychology majors (Traci Bricka and Kaila Bellinghausen).

Conferences Attended:

  • McNair Scholars Conference (New Mexico; fall 2015)
  • SWAPA (spring 2016)