2019 Research Festival Award Winners

Congratulations to our 2019 winners!!

Outstanding Poster Presentation in Arts and Humanities

  • Brijin Hartrick – Traditionally Untraditional: Pictorial Representation of Mexican Women’s Bodies in The Early 20th Century Brijin Hartrick

Outstanding Poster Presentation in Social Sciences

  • Adam Andrade – Hispanic Enrollment, Retention, and Graduation Rates in Texas Post-Secondary Education

Outstanding Poster Presentation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

  • Michael Ranger – Design of Ancillary Systems for a Molten Salt Test Loop

Outstanding Oral Presentations in Arts & Humanities

  • Lauren Hampton – Caveman of The Future: Analyzing the Use of Plato’s Cave Allegory in The Dystopian Genre
  • Riley Stirman – Jesus and the Lukewarm: An Exegetical Analysis on Revelation 3:16 in Miniscule 2329

Outstanding Oral Presentations in Social Sciences

  • Elizabeth Young – Mental Illness in the Media
  • Kate Nettles – The Effects of Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare on the Mental Health of College Students

Outstanding Oral Presentations in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

  • Bao Yuwei – Analyses, Using Computer Modeled Docking Studies, Of potential anti-cancer drugs as HDAC inhibitors
  • Austin Parsons – Detecting in Vivo Expression of Haloalkane Dehydrogenase for Use in a Biochemistry Lab Curriculum
  • Claire Shudde – SIRT1 in the Progression of Castrate-Resistant Prostate Cancer