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Arts & Humanities 1 

AH11 – Young Adult Literature: Creating Empathy and Understanding Through Reading

AH12 – Memory & Identity: The Power of Memory in Rowling’s “Harry Potter” Series

AH13 – Brontë and Modern Day: Romanticizing Toxic Relationships in Wuthering Heights

AH14 – Jane Austen, the Esteemed Idol or Overpraised Mediocrity?: An Examination of the Modern Feminist Perception of the Ever-Prominent Austen

AH15 – The Rhetoric of Fleabag: An Analysis of Mental Health Portrayal in Television


Abilene High 1

AHS1 – Is Renewable Doable?

AHS2 – It’s About Time: The Study of How New Developments in Calculating Time and History Affects Our Perception Of Both.

AHS3 – Nietzsche on Steroids: The Link Between Nihilistic Tendencies in Modern Medical Issues and Dwindling Spiritualism

AHS4 – Rethinking PTSD; Exploring New Research

AHS5 – iPad Kids? The Sociological Effects of Smart Device Introduction at a Young Age.

AHS6 – ¿Hablas Inglés? Examining if Learning a Secondary Language is Plausible and Practical in America.


Social Science 1

SS7 – An Examination of the 2017 Equifax Data Breach: Crisis Response Through the Lens of Situational Crisis Communication Theory

SS8 – The British National Party in Context

SS9 – Times Are A Changin’: Views on Traditionalism versus Egalitarianism in Christian College Culture

SS10 – A Phenomenological Study to Describe the Experience of Being Slain in the Spirit

SS11 – Investigations into Understanding the Student Experience at the Intersection of Faith and Evolutionary Theory



ST35 – Extraction of Molybdenum Using Bis(2-ethylhexyl) Phosphate and Di(octyl-phenyl) Phosphoric Acid

ST36 – Methods for Identification and Quantification of Elements in Molten Salts

ST37 – Carbon nanotubes as a possible method for harvesting medical isotopes for NEXT

ST38 – Quantifying Trace Elements via ICP-MS and Identifying Detection Limits

Poster Session 1

Arts and Humanities

AH01 – An evaluation of current list of Texas UIL Class I Bass Clarinet Solos

AH03 – National Security Issues Caused by Negligent Reporting and Reduction of Sex Trafficking

AH05 – Catherine of Aragon in Public History

AH07 – From the Field to the Studio: Landscape Painting in Texas

AH09 – Heritage Chocolate Brand Identity and Packaging Concept

Social Sciences

SS01 – The Emotional Impact of Multi-Factor Authentication for University Students

SS03 – Alumni Attitudes about the Online College Social Life Survey at ACU

SS05 – Attitudes about LGBTQ+ Among Heterosexual Population in a University Setting

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

ST01 – An Investigation of Antibody Titers in Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients

ST03 – Separation of Molybdenum from Molybdenum-Alpha Benzoin Oxime Complexes

ST05 – Investigating Various Trace Heat Options for Small Diameter Components on the FMSTL Loop

ST07 – Molten Salt Test System (MSTS) Drain Tank

ST09 – A backdoor strategy to elucidate the thermodynamics and structural determinants of drug induced Long QT syndrome by blockade of the hERG channel

ST11 – Genetic Variation in Caenolestes sangay and Related South American Marsupials

ST13 – Describing the Edaphic Niche of Mentzelia thompsonii

ST15 – Achilles Tendon Rupture in a Football Player

ST17 – The CAR Process: From Mountain to Molehill

ST19 – Bird-window Collisions Trends on a Central Texas University Campus

ST21 – Design of a Backwash Filter System for Molten Salt

ST23 – Modulation of Bacterial Host Phenotypes by Mycobacteriophage Pixie Gene Products

ST25 – Double-Tethered DNA Curtains in Supported Lipid Bilayers

ST27 – Environmental Sampling and Survey of SERC Site

ST29 – Bulging Disc in Female Tennis Player

ST31 – Mutagenesis of Amino Acid Residues in and Around the Active Site of HMG-CoA Synthase of Enterococcus faecalis

ST33 – Heater Control Tuning for Molten Salt Applications


Poster Session 2

Arts and Humanities

AH02 – Dramaturgical Research of the musical Light in the Piazza

AH04 – La Malinche: A Mother, A Victim, A Whore

AH06 – The Human Connection

AH08 – Bonzai Japanese Restaurant: Brand and Identity Concept

AH10 – Design to Make a Difference: Concept

Social Sciences

SS02 – The Effect of Moderate-Intensity Exercise on God Locus of Health Control: A Pilot Study

SS04 – A Survey of Prosecutorial Philosophies and Their Effects on Sentencing.

SS06 – Predictors of Exercise Motivation and Intrinsic Motivation in College Students

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

ST02 – An Exploratory Longitudinal Study on the Immune Response to COVID-19 Vaccines

ST04 – The Adaption of a Vessel to Pneumatically Transfer Molten Salt from One Vessel to Another

ST06 – Optimization and Development of a Thiocyanate Calibration Curve as a Molybdenum Indicator

ST08 – Reconstructing Historical Geography of Mentzelia thompsonii Using Population Genetics

ST10 – Identification of Bacteria from Sorcerer’s Cave that Inhibit Quorum Sensing

ST12 – Genetic Diversity and Breeding Patterns of ACU’s Feral Cat Population Based on Population Genetics

ST14 – Hemorrhagic Bursitis Pes Anserine in Female Softball Player

ST16 – Design, Construction, and Testing of a Portable Electrical Heater Controller

ST18 – SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Sequence Variation Among Nonsymptomatic Test Subjects.

ST20 – Comparison of Quorum Sensing Inhibition Between Isolates of Pseudomonas chlororaphis

ST22 – Characterization of Potential Developmental Roles for Zebrafish Biliverdin Reductase Isoforms Using CRISPR-Cas Technology

ST26 – Analysis of SARS-CoV-2 Variants from Asymptomatic ACU Individuals During 2020-2021

ST28 – Initial Bromination and Allylic Oxidation Steps in the Synthesis of Phorbasone A

ST30 – Testing the Functionality of a Contactless Seal in a Molten Salt System

ST32 – Synthesis of Novel Diosmium-Halide Compounds

ST34 – Multichannel Trace Heater Controllers for Molten Salt Systems


Images of Aging Photography

Praying with Grandma

So God Made a Farmer

Arts & Humanities 3

AH16 – An Analysis of Boeing’s 737 MAX Air Crisis through the Lens of Image Restoration Theory

AH17 – How one music video challenged gender inequality: Analysis of “The Man”

AH18 – Por La Ruta de Lenin: The Early Relationship Between Cuba and the Soviet Union

AH19 – Hooverville: A Forgotten History of Neglect


Abilene High 2

AHS7 – The Wilde Side: Applying Archetypal Analysis to find the “Trickster” in Wildean Literature

AHS8 – Education Reform and Teacher Salary

AHS9 – I’m the Best Persuader: Hierarchies of Motivational Factors for Joining an Advance Class

AHS10 – The Kids Behind the Mask

AHS11 – Its Society’s decision

AHS12 – Mythology Around Us



ST39 – Development of Microsatellite Loci for Population Genetic Analysis of Mentzelia thompsonii

ST40 – Past and Future Geographic Migrations of Mentzelia thompsonii Based on Climate Modeling

ST41 – Inhibition of Bacteria Using Resin-Extracted Antibiotic Fractions From Cave Isolates

ST42 – Isolation and Annotation of Cluster EE Bacteriophage Loca



ST43 – Dynamics of Eastern Equine Encephalitis Infection Rates: A Mathematical Approach

ST44 – Simulating a Predator-Prey System with a Lotka-Volterra Model Using Random Coefficients Estimated from a Dataset

ST45 – Simulation of Tc-99m generator

ST46 – Using Python to Teach Physics


Arts & Humanities 4

AH20 – The first two years: An analysis of Volkswagen Emission Scandal

AH21 – The Classification of Avant Garde Works for Solo Tuba

AH22 – Rhetoric of Ted Lasso: Rhetors Creating Safe Spaces to Talk About Mental Health

AH23 – Older Adult Well-Being During the Covid-19 Pandemic: An Exploration of Coping Responses Amid Social Isolation



ST47 – Investigations into Separation of Molybdenum-99 from Other Fission Fragments Using Tetraoctylammonium Bromide Complexes

ST48 – Evaluation and Reduction of Temperature Maxima through Simulation of the MSRR for NEXT

ST49 – Piezoelectric Nebulizer

ST50 – Electrochemical System for Molten Salt Analysis

ST51 – Small-Scale Salt Purification System Gasket Safety Test and Rationale



ST52 – Automatically finding exoplanets in Kepler data

ST53 – Investigation of reactions between osmium carbonyl and pyridine

ST24 – Two new diruthenium-pyridine complexes

ST54 – Investigations of Diamine and Diisocyanate interactions by Conducting Polyurea Linkage Synthesis Reactions

ST55 – Synthesis and Polymerization of Capsaicin Derivatives



Top Scholars

Arts & Humanities 5

AH24 – A Dead Argument: The Stoic’s Disbelief of Paul’s Profession of the Resurrection in Acts 17:16-34

AH25 – “A Meltdown Between Friends”: An Exploration of Fan Culture and Celebrity Mental Health

AH26 – Britain in Egypt: Britain’s Impact on Egyptian History and Archeology from the Conquest to Early 20th Century

AH27 – Charles and Roy Root Beer: Brand Identity Concept

AH28 – Isabella’s plea and Angelo’s plight


Social Science 2

SS12 – From Democracy to Autocracy: Analyzing the Correlation of the Term of Office on Latin American and Caribbean Democracy

SS13 – Blood in the Nile: “Hydropolitics” and Diversions from Dissent

SS14 – Religious Coping and Issues of Race During Global Pandemic

SS15 – Owning Your Mistakes: An Analysis of CrossFit’s Strategic Crisis Communication Theory

SS16 – The Correlation Between Math Anxiety and Growth Mindset Interventions Within Different Pedagogical Styles



ST56 – Meteor Tracking Using RF Signal Detection

ST57 – Measuring Filter Media Characteristics Using the Molten Salt Filter Media Test System

ST58 – Paw Preference and Behavior in Canis lupus familiaris and Felis silvestris catus

ST59 – Antibiotic Resistance in Bacterial Isolates from Sorcerer’s Cave

ST60 – Di- and trinuclear osmium cluster complexes with bridging pyrazolyl ligands