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Scholars (Us)


Un·der·grad·u·ate Schol·ar

/ˌəndərˈɡrajo͞oət  ˈskälər/ noun

Who are the Undergraduate Scholars? Here are our broadly defined criteria:

  • Creative: Scholars learn to produce new, unique contributions to their academic disciplines.
  • Critical: Scholars must employ critical thinking to the development of creative products/research.
  • Presentation: Scholars must present their work in order to benefit the disciplines (and the rest of the world). 
  • Evaluation: Scholars must subject their work to evaluation by peers and experts in their disciplines to learn how their scholarship has yet to improve.

The Scholars Panel

  •  Representing the Undergraduate Scholars in the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, and STEM
  • Advising the Office of Undergraduate Research, Creativity and Innovation (URCI)
  • Serving the greater ACU academic community
  • Charged with reviewing nominations for the Mentors of the Year announced during each URCI Festival

The Scholars Panel is proud to serve each year as the student members of the ACU Undergraduate Research Festival Planning Committee.

Kaitlyn Santineau, Biology

Undergraduate Scholars Are Guided By Mentors

The most memorable part of my academic career, so far, has undoubtedly been participating in ACU’s Undergraduate Research Festival. I loved this experience because I got to work alongside my favorite professor (Dr. John Boyles) as he empowered me with the skills to produce something that is both relevant to scholars and personal to me.


Hannah Garza
Bible and Ministry

Participating in undergraduate research at ACU has been an extremely positive and rewarding experience! Not only am I able to truly delve into topics that interest me professionally, but I have the chance to do so under the guidance of an experienced mentor. Undergraduate research is the perfect opportunity to gain experience in your field, while at the same time develop strong relationships with knowledgeable professors!


Noah Pruitt
Political Science

Research here at ACU has been tremendous for my own edification and has galvanized me to pursue further the things that I do not know. I have had the opportunity to go to Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and Brookhaven National Laboratory under the mentorship of Dr. Donald Isenhower and Dr. Jim Drachenberg to perform fascinating research.


Roy Salinas

While at ACU, I performed polymer chemistry research with Dr. Brad Rix. This opportunity allowed me to experience first hand what it is like to work in a lab and use the scientific method to innovate while being guided by and collaborating with a professional.


Alan Ritchie

Last summer, I interned with four other ACU students for the SpinQuest experiment at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. My favorite aspect of this experience was that everyone on the project, including our mentor Dr. Daugherity, was always willing to spend time explaining physics concepts to us. I learned so much from being a part of a real physics experiment and from the physics lessons that we received.


Emily Branson

Research at ACU was a tremendous opportunity all thanks to my mentor, Dr. Xu.  He taught me to apply the concepts I study in class to the lab, not to mention the work and discipline that research requires. Working alongside incredible team members gave me insight into how we answer the questions research asks of us and gave me a truly supportive community.


Ranj Lohony

Present What You Are Passionate About 

Scholars Lunch

The ideal scholar seeks to understand what she knows the least.

To that end, the Undergraduate Scholars Panel hosts the interdisciplinary ‘Scholars Lunch’ once every month in collaboration with Honors College Chapel.

Presenters are recruited from throughout the Undergraduate Scholars with special emphasis on diverse contributions.

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