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Student Opportunities Center

Posted by on Aug 30, 2016 in Announcement, Faculty Mentor, Feature, Journal Articles, Student Researcher, Summer Research Opportunities | Comments Off on Student Opportunities Center

Starting September 1, ACU undergraduate researchers and mentors will have access to the Student Opportunities Center (S.O.C.).

The S.O.C. is a platform which connects students to over 10,000 student conferences, journals, new and prestigious experiential learning opportunities (scholarship, fellowship, community/civic engagement), and undergraduate research opportunities.

Sign-up for the Student Opportunities Center by going to: and creating an account with your ACU email address.

To learn more watch the Introduction/ Tutorial video:

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2016 Summer Research Round Up

Posted by on Aug 30, 2016 in Arts, Feature, Humanities, Social Sciences, STEM, Student Researcher | Comments Off on 2016 Summer Research Round Up

ACU students participated in a wide variety of research experiences at ACU and around the World.

Researching Across the World

David Marolf, senior chemistry major, did a chemistry research internship with a group in Mainz, Germany. While there he worked on making nanoparticles.

Seniors Maya Feller and Daisy Gomez traveled with Dr. Tom Lee, chair of the Biology Department, to Ecuador to study the ecology of Ecuador and try to study new species.

Physics senior Hannah Hamilton traveled with Dr. Josh Willis to Hannover, Germany to work at the Albert Einstein Institute for Gravitational Physics.

Researching Across the US

Senior Chemistry and Physics major James Johnstone participated in the Research Experience for Undergraduates internship in the Chemistry department at Texas A&M.

Five engineering and physics majors traveled with Drs. Michael Daugherity and Donald Isenhower to Chicago to work at the Fermilab.

Four engineering and phsyics majors traveled with Dr. Rusty Towell to New York to work at Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Researching Across Campus

Seventeen student performed research as part of the McNair Scholars Program in departments all across campus. Read more about McNair Scholars on the McNair Scholar blog.

In the department of Music, Geoffrey Driggers and Cole Spears worked with Dr. Brandon Houghtalen on redesigning the music technology in the Williams Performing Arts Center.

Nine undergraduates worked with five faculty faculty members in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. They ended the summer with a mini-conference with research students from McMurry University.

While some of the department off doing research in Germany, New York, and Illinois. Other members of the department of Engineering and Physics, were working hard performing research back in Abilene. Five engineering and physics majors worked with three faculty members on projects from water purity to lasers.

In the biology department, besides Dr. Lee’s trip to Ecuador, three biology majors worked with two faculty members.


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Fall 2016 OUR Travel Grants Due Sept 13

Posted by on Aug 26, 2016 in Activities, Announcement, Arts, Conferences, Faculty Mentor, Feature, Humanities, Social Sciences, STEM, Student Researcher | Comments Off on Fall 2016 OUR Travel Grants Due Sept 13

Undergraduate Research Fall Travel Grant Applications are due Tuesday, September 13th at 5 p.m. These grants are for conferences and showcases from August 2016 – December 2016.

New this year, the Office of Undergraduate Research is awarding travel funding for both undergraduate research students and faculty mentors to travel to a conference to present and showcase scholarship.

Faculty mentor travel grants are for those who mentor undergraduate researchers. Mentors may apply for up to $1000 to either 1) accompany undergraduate students presenting scholarship at a conference or showcase; OR 2) present scholarship in which undergraduate students assisted in the work.
To apply for Faculty travel use the OUR Faculty Travel Grant Application.
Faculty may apply for up to $1000 on behalf of their undergraduate students. These grants are for up to $1000 per project. Faculty are allowed to apply for travel grants for more than one project. For any one project, a group can decide whether to send one representative student or divide the award and send more than one presenter.
To apply for Undergraduate student travel use the OUR Student Travel Grant Application.
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Undergradaute Research Mentors of the Year

Posted by on Apr 17, 2016 in Faculty Mentor | Comments Off on Undergradaute Research Mentors of the Year

These professors are nominated and chosen by ACU students for their exemplary work as mentors to undergraduate researchers. The winners are announced each year at the Undergraduate Research Festival.

2015-2016 Mentor of the Year Winners:

  • Dr.  Michael Daugherity, Department of Engineering and Physics
  • Dr. Christopher Hutson, Department of Bible, Missions, & Ministry
  • Dr. Anita Broxson, School of Nursing

2014-2015 Mentor of the Year Winners:

  • Dr. Josh Brokaw, Department of Biology
  • Dr. Richard Beck, Department of Psychology
  • Dr. Ron Morgan, Department of History & Global Studies

2013-2014 Mentor of the Year Winners:

  • Dr. Suzie Macaluso, Department of Communication & Sociology
  • Dr. Greg Powell, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Dr. Mikee Deloney, Department of Language & Literature

2012-2013 Mentor of the Year Winners:

  • Dr. Brian Cavitt, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Dr. Lauren Lemley, Department of Communication & Sociology
  • Dr. Stephen Baldridge, School of Social Work
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2015-2016 Undergraduate Research Mentors of the Year

Posted by on Apr 17, 2016 in Faculty Mentor, Feature | Comments Off on 2015-2016 Undergraduate Research Mentors of the Year

Each year, 3 professors involved in research are chosen by ACU students to receive the Mentor of the Year Award.

This year the winners were Dr. Michael Daugherity, Dr. Christopher Hutson, and Dr. Anita Broxson.

  • Dr.  Michael Daugherity, Department of Physics
    • This mentor was nominated by his students for his enthusiasm and devotion to research and the students that he works with. His extraordinary teaching as well as his character inspires students to pursue their interests and passions. He is experienced in his field of study and relates information effectively and efficiently, helping to develop student interest in research. Dr. Daugherity has helped his students shape and form projects that have expanded their knowledge and intellect. One student said that this professor is someone that they admire and will never forget. 
  • Dr. Christopher Hutson, Department of Bible, Missions, & Ministry
    • This mentor was nominated by his students because he is an unwavering source of support and encouragement for his students’ research endeavors. His encouragement has given students the confidence to continue their projects with renewed motivation and persistence. He is excellent at communicating with his students through every stage of the research process and takes a personal interest in their work. One student said this professor has given him confidence to stay motivated throughout the research process because he has learned it can produce magnificent results. 
  • Dr. Anita Broxson, School of Nursing
    • This mentor was nominated by her students for her contagious passion and enthusiasm for research. She helps her students discover their own passion for research and encourages them to think critically and view things from different perspectives. She takes a personal interest in her students and helps them discover and develop their talents with patience and understanding. She inspires a spirit of integrity in everything as she encourages her student to seek Christ in every aspect of their work. Her role as a mentor goes far beyond her research projects. She cares not only about her students’ education but their mental and spiritual well being as well. 

Congratulations to these professors for their exemplary role as mentors!

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Spring Conferences 2016

Posted by on Apr 12, 2016 in Conferences, Feature | Comments Off on Spring Conferences 2016

ACU students have been traveling all over the United States presenting their research. Some of the conferences include:

American Chemical Society National Conference, Alpha Chi National Convention, Eastern Communication Association Conference, Multidisciplinary Head and Neck Cancer Symposium, National Association of Social Work Baccalaureate Program Directors Annual Conference, National Conference on Undergraduate Research, Pacific Sociological Association Meeting, Texas Academy of Science.

We are so proud of all of these students, but some items of note include:

The School of Social Work taking 31 students to their conference.

At the Alpha Chi National Conference, Kristen Brehm won 1st place for her presentation in the chemistry division. Jeffrey Wooliscroft won a regional Alpha Chi scholarship, and Tina Johnson and Hailey Yamada both received chapter scholarships.

Jamie Thompson and James Nix placed 2nd overall among over 75 undergraduate posters at the Texas Academy of Science meeting.

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2016 ACU Undergraduate Research Festival

Posted by on Apr 11, 2016 in Activities, Conferences, Feature | Comments Off on 2016 ACU Undergraduate Research Festival

The ACU Undergraduate Research Festival is an annual conference at which ACU undergraduate students present research they have done in the last year. The 8th Research Festival was April 5, 2016. Read more about the Festival and award winners at

The 9th Research Festival will be April 4, 2017.

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