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I’ve updated my blog

14 Commentsby   |  05.30.11  |  Chiang Mai, Thailand

I’ve  updated my blog with a new post about my time in Thailand.

Countdown to Thailand! (reposted from my blog with updates)

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It’s really going to happen! In just a little over a month I will on a plane leaving the country for the first time. On my way to Thailand! I will say that I am incredibly excited, but….I am very nervous about it. I’m certain that it will be a good summer, but I’m still worried that I might not fit in (silly American) or that I won’t work well with my team (even though we are all doing fine right now) or that, or that, or that, or that, or that…..Gee thanks Satan…

I am really excited about getting prepared for it. My passport came in the mail a few weeks ago, so I was able to see it when I got home for spring break. Funny story. It was open when I got it so I know my mom had seen it, but my dad had seen it before her! He had replaced mine with his and then taped up the bottom so that she wouldn’t notice! My mom may have had a minor freak out moment. :D

I’m still looking for clothing for Thailand. It will be quite a bit different than the camp clothing that I was shopping for last summer. My shorts and tanktops will be replaced by modest tops (going for overly modest here just to be on the safe side) and skirts/jeans. I think that I have found the skirts that I will be getting at a store called Earth Bound. UPDATE: I received a package in the mail from my mom. She found skirts for me along with a few tops that will be perfect for the trip. So thankful! They are long peasant type skirts that I will continue to wear even after I get back.

My biggest worry is for funding. I’m still $850 UPDATE: $450 away from even going on the trip. That’s not including the potential extra $2000 that I could raise as compensation for if I was working as an intern in the states. I don’t think that I will be able to raise that for the summer, but I am hopeful to get the remaining $850 covered. If you do feel it in your heart to send a little my way your gift would be greatly appreciated. Even gifts of $5, $10, or $15 really add up quickly, so skip your grande decaf latte with cream or whatever overpriced breakfast you are indulging in tomorrow, and send a little bit my way. :) Trust me, the toast and jam will be well worth the way that I will be sharing the Word this summer.

Send checks to:

Carole-Marie Wiser – ACU Box 27658 – Abilene, TX 79699

Do not write my name on the check for tax purposes. Instead, please put the name of my host church, Southern Hills Church of Christ. Put the memo as Thailand.

Well, I still have a few weeks of classes left before I leave, so it is time to study hard and get back to work!