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snoopy-writingHistory of Theories in Psychology is a capstone class requiring students to not only become familiar with the intellectual history of our field, including leading thinkers, major theories, landmark studies and recurring debates, but also to be able to think critically, to form personal opinions, to be able to compare and contrast the various schools of thought, to wrestle themselves with the timeless questions.  What is consciousness?  Is man’s comportment determined or freely chosen?  How are the body and mind related?  What is the nature of scientific inquiry?  Are humans basically rational or irrational?  Is nature or nurture the primary influence on behavior?

Welcome to our class blog where, in coming weeks, you will be posting comments in response to your classmates’ presentations.  The purpose of the blog is to provide interaction and dialogue outside the classroom.  I look forward to learning from you and benefiting from each one of your unique perspectives.

Let the writing begin!…  and don’t worry, it’s only a blog, not your ultimate and final statement of your beliefs and personhood!  Don’t be too critical of your thoughts or writing.  Take a chance and share them!

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