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Third Force psychology is based on the premise that all people are inherently good; that through a conscious evolution of attitudes, values, and beliefs, one becomes a self actualized individual with the inner wisdom and confidence to guide their own life in a manner that is personally satisfying and socially constructive. This resonates with me and the way I was raised to think. As a whole, i find that third force psychology carries many of the attributes of existentialism like the search for self actualization and self formed attitudes and values. These things are, to me, a very important feature of any modern theory of human nature. I was raised to think for myself and not just believe everything everyone tells me. However, i was also raised in a certain religious background that didnt support certain sorts of critical thinking. This served to be a stumbling block for me in my search for self actualization, as i had to question things that i had never been permitted to question before. This is probably true for many more people than I would like to think. Most of our parents and families and churches, no matter how hard they may or may not have tried to let us find our own answers, burned certain ideas into our head without our permission. Ideas about God, about the good life, about morals and who we should and shouldnt associate with. Things like this are inevitable, though not necessarily wrong, and through a healthy amount of self knowledge through the lens of existentialism and third force psychology as a whole we can modify our learned ideals and form our own that we can be confident in.

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