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Living the good life is a concept that is increasingly hard to define as our world diversifies and ideologies and norms shift. I have always stood by the ideal that the good life involves deeds, thoughts, and beliefs that do not solely benefit the individual, but rather edify and profit others. Living ones life in an altruistic manner is theoretically the best way to strengthen both yourself and humanity as a whole. In this sense, the Christian life of self-sacrifice is the most fulfilling and impacting life, which I would consider to be the true Good life.
However, lately I have begun to realize the importance of understanding ones own self within the context of living selflessly. I understand that this might seem contradictory. Although focusing internally might take away from altruism initially, having a clear understanding of both your strengths and weaknesses will allow you to adapt your behaviors and thoughts accordingly. With a detailed knowledge of your predispositions in life, you will be able to combat the patterns that are detrimental to your life while increasing and maintaining those which help you to lead a Good life.
Lastly, I think it is necessary to have a strong consistency between what you believe about yourself, the world, others, and God and the behaviors you manifest. It would be, in my opinion, near impossible to lead a Good life that is filled with cognitive dissonance and gaps between ideology and action. As the Bible says, “Faith without works is useless”. Whether you are of the Christian faith or any other belief system, dissonance between attitudes and behaviors will cause you enough discomfort, frustration, and self-hindrance to prevent a truthfully satisfying life.

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  1. Jason Hendrix
    1:41 am, 01.22.13

    I agree that not following our inner compass can be very hard on a person. An important aspect of the good life is understanding and being true to ourselves. I also agree that the example of self-sacrifice found in christianity is a profound example for how life should be lived. Thanks for the post.

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