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It is obvious that the Greek way of thinking is different than our own. One way that our thought differs is that the Greeks had to spend more time in discussion to find and solve problems when now days I can just jump on to google and read what other people have written in order to solve my problem. Face-to-face conversations are not a necessity today to find an answer like it was in the time of the Greeks. Something else that I have observed is that deep conversations, at least in college, do not revolve around issues like the position of the earth relative to the sun and the capacity of the mind. More often than not deep conversations today revolve around mistakes and relationships rather than world issues. There is no real problem with this difference, its just a distinction that I have observed. The reasoning behind this is that since we have the internet we do not have to stress to find the answer to any question we type. Therefore we tend to focus on other issues, issues that cannot be strictly solved doing a google search. One last observation that I have is that the Greeks tended to spend more time in discussion than we currently due.


  1. Lincoln Woods
    2:18 pm, 01.31.13

    I find it convenient that this post’s main theme revolves around the fact that it was very common for people of the Greek culture to spend much of their time having deep and meaningful conversations. Today, having a serious conversation even with the people that you’re closest to only happens once a week. The reason I find this idea convenient is that by creating these blog posts and commenting on them, we are actually returning to the very ideology of deep discussion that is mentioned in this blog post. I agree that in this day and age, we live in a world where most of life’s questions have already been answered and can be easily accessed by performing a simple “Google Search.” It’s because of this that many of the world’s mysteries in the Greek era are rarely discussed. Why would we debate long and hard over a theory or question when I can find the answer using my iPhone? I believe that the solution to this potential problem is not easily identified. In order for us to engage in a deep conversation with others, we are forced to talk about a topic or issue without a clear answer, which is not as easy to come by as it was with the Greeks.

  2. Josh Marshall
    2:30 pm, 01.31.13

    Very interesting take on the contrasts of conversation styles of the Greeks and modern day humans. I think that it is safe to say that communication has evolved drastically away from that of theory and reasoning and has been directed more towards relational matters. You bring up a great point in saying that the things that they would indulge in deep conversation about is easily accessible by our fingertips on the internet. With so much time that has passed between then and now, we are rich with answers to virtually almost any question that may be asked, because of our resources.

  3. Kelsey Hilton
    8:56 pm, 02.01.13

    I’m glad that you brought up our loss of relationship and our obsession with relationships and mistakes. As if that’s not bad, we are substituting the internet for critical thinking skills!

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