Raymond Lowe – Blog Post #4 – Behaviorism

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Behaviorism has been an intriguing topic of study for me since I am not a Psychology major and have, up to this point, never extensively studied this area of psychology. What I find most interesting about it, is how, through this, people and animals can be “trained”. The example of the Pigeon with B.F. Skinner was fascinating to be, especially with how he was able to train the bird to turn a full circle in under 2 minutes. Also, I agree with this form of Psychology in that I believe that it is the observable that can best be studied and evaluated, not the unobservable which cannot even be seen. The only thing I can see, at least in my life, that goes against this is religion, which can not always be seen. Faith is, believing in things not seen. Outside of that I strongly consider only things that can be seen and observed to be truly valid. This is why I agree so much with the idea of Behaviorism.

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