MyACU is the ACU campus portal where you will find information related to your teaching and employment, as well as campus news, events, and announcements.

Quick links to MyACU

You will need to have your ACU username and password.  If you are a first-time user, you could find your information from this page, or contact IT Support Center for assistance ( 325-674-5555).

This is what MyACU main interface looks like:

MyACU Homepage

Links to Apps:

MyACU is your portal to many, if not all, ACU technology applications.   ACU uses Google Apps, including Google Mail, Calendar, Sites, and Drive, all behind a single sign-on mechanism.   You will find your colleagues or students share files or calendar invitations with you using these apps.

Link to Banner:

You can also click on “Banner” to access your employment information, for instance, your pay stub, tax forms,  and benefits summary.  If you need to update your personal information such as your address or phone number, you can also do so with Banner.

My Courses Module:

One module on your MyACU page is your course information.   By default, courses from your current semester are displayed.  You can check class roster and calendar, or request additional tools for your classes by clicking on the wrench tool.

Contact Us

Laura Carroll

Assistant Provost for Teaching, Learning and Vocational Formation

Scott Hamm

Assistant Director, Director of Pedagogical Partnerships

Rodney Ashlock

Director of Faculty Development

Amy McLaughlin-Sheasby

Director of Faculty Spiritual Formation

Amy Boone

Teaching and Learning Specialist

Hollye Jaklewicz

Event and Communication Specialist

Stephen Rektenwald

Assistant Director of Educational Technology