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You’ll find the latest from the Adams Center staff here at the Adams Blog.  The content varies, but the subject is always the same: teaching and learning.

Attendance, Participation, Engagement… oh, my!

A topic of frequent conversation at the Adams Center includes policies and classroom practices about attendance, participation, and engagement. Faculty often find themselves trying something new each semester or implementing a new, promising plan only to have it go...

Thinking about AI Syllabus Policies

As the semester approaches, the reality of ChatGPT (and other large-language-model tools) use looms large. Students across higher ed report that they use AI extensively, and many faculty are designing ways to use AI in class assignments, activities, and scaffolding....

Leveraging Canvas in Your Teaching

The Adams Center for Teaching Excellence at ACU in conjunction with the Innovation Foundry recently held three exciting sessions to address the use of Canvas, the university's learning management system. These sessions covered a variety of topics, from the...

Advising and Career Development Updates

In a conversation with Nuria Hall, Director for Academic Advising and Career Development, she shared some insights with the Adams Center into the work of ACU’s advising team and how faculty can best partner with advisors. Advisors seek to work with professors as they...

Student Fellows Blog Post: Course Structure

By Student Fellows Brett Fedderson and Joan Lavaki During our session at the Adams Center, we presented to faculty the idea of caring for students through course structure. Sometimes as students, we experience structural course elements that are unhelpful to both our...

Student Fellows Blog Post: Group Work

By Student Fellows Cathy Zhou and Elizabeth Locke As we all know, having all kinds of group projects in our college life is an inevitable experience. Group projects have advantages and disadvantages. In this session, we brought up different perspectives about group...

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