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You’ll find the latest from the Adams Center staff here at the Adams Blog.  The content varies, but the subject is always the same: teaching and learning.

Supporting Athletes as Students

  Sarah Shipp, ACU’s Director of Academics and SWA for Athletics, and Chad Williams, ACU’s Director of Compliance, led an Adams Center session about the world of athletic academics. Sarah and Chad shared about the academic division of the Athletic Department and...

What Professors Want For Writing Assignments Part 2

As we continue looking at Dr. Cole Bennett’s tips regarding writing assignments, let’s consider the often dreaded topics of feedback and revision.    When providing feedback to students, the main goal is that the students will read the professor’s feedback, learn...

What Professors Want For Writing Assignments

Dr. Cole Bennett recently shared tips and best practice regarding writing assignments. What is a professor looking for when he or she assigns a writing prompt?   A response appropriate to the prompt Sophisticated writing including correct grammar, approximation...

Excuse a grade in Canvas

If there are situations that warrant it, you can excuse an individual grade from a particular student.  Check this video to learn how: If you would like to drop one or more grades in a grade category, you can also do so fairly easily.  Check this post for details....

Generation Z in the Classroom

David Kneip led a session in the Adams Center on Generation Z characteristics and the implications for teaching practices.  The content for the session was drawn from a report released by The Chronicle of Higher Education that was researched and written by Jeffrey J....

Managing peer review assignment

This tutorial shows how to create and manage peer review assignment. The following tutorial shows students how to do peer review assignment.  Feel free to share the following link to the video in your course if needed: https://youtu.be/o3ez49poJJ8  ...

Collecting student work via Google Doc

Many students use Google Drive heavily for their work. You can now collect such work directly from Google Doc.  When you create your assignment, set up "submission type" to "online" and "file uploads." This is what students will see for their assignment. They will...

Tips to communicate with international students

Earlier in October, Lucy Dawson and Veronica Whitt from the Center for International Education led an international student panel to share challenges faced by international students in communicating with faculty. Here are a few tips that emerged from the session. When...

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