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You’ll find the latest from the Adams Center staff here at the Adams Blog.  The content varies, but the subject is always the same: teaching and learning.

End-of-Semester Reminders

As the semester draws to a close, we would like to send a few reminders as you wrap up your Canvas courses and get ready for the new semester: Change course dates Remember to check and change (if needed) the end dates of your courses while you have access. Check this...

Student Fellows: Attendance Policies

The following post was written by Anna Wasson and Spencer Kasselman, two of the Adams Center’s Student Fellows. The post is a summary of the session they facilitated. Before the bulk of the presentation, we wanted to begin with disclaimers on our presentation. These...

Create Essay Exams in Canvas

If you want to give students the option to answer an x number of questions out of y number of choices, here are two ways you can do that. https://youtu.be/h7yjNZESwIQ Either option has its benefits: With the new quiz option, you can Deploy Lockdown Browser so that the...

Student Fellows: Prioritizing Information and Study Guides

Two of the Adams Center Student Fellows, Natalie Silva and Karala Hough, facilitated a conversation about the importance of helping students learn how to prioritize information and how using study guides can assist with this. The following is a summary of their...

Student Fellows: Communication and Transparency

The following post was written by Lucas Vogt and Devon Hillary, two of the Adams Center's Student Fellows. The post is a summary of the session they facilitated. Some of the Adams Center Student Fellows spoke with faculty and staff about the importance of clear...

Remote Teaching Options

To lecture remotely, you have a few options: Synchronously: Use Zoom to teach. You might want to post the link to your Canvas course, or your course calendar if you use it. If you need a pro license or need to renew it, have your department chair contact Dr. Marisa...

Changing Your Web Profile Display Name or Photo

Your public web profile can be customized through Faculty Success. If you need to change your display names and/or photo, you can do so in Faculty Success. Please watch this video to see how to do it. Please note that there is some delay (12 hours) for the change to...

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