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You’ll find the latest from the Adams Center staff here at the Adams Blog.  The content varies, but the subject is always the same: teaching and learning.

Writing Sprint Preview

Writing is not optional for academics. It’s one of the key benchmarks for tenure and promotion. But how do you kickstart your writing and build successful writing rhythms and habits?  We often try a writing binge or attend a...

Trauma-Informed Pedagogy

Dina Warren shared excellent research and resources on how to support students coping with both "big-T" and "little-t" trauma, and graciously shared her presentation: Trauma-Informed Pedagogy. 

Student Fellows Professional Development Session Summary

Two current Student Fellows facilitated an Adams Center session on professional development. The following is a summary they wrote on the session. Intro: Two Adams Center Student Fellows, Sam O’Quinn and Ellie Pitcock spoke to faculty about professional development...

2024 Black History Month Celebration

In honor of Black History Month, the Adams Center hosted two sessions celebrating Black influence in a variety of areas. Faculty in various fields of study shared the significance of Black influence in that field.  The first session included art, music, and film....

AI Syllabus Statement

In September 2023, Inside Higher Education (IHE) published the Hanover Research Report on Artificial Intelligence:  Benefits, Challenges, and Sample Use Cases of Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education. This offers a good overview that you may find helpful in...

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