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You’ll find the latest from the Adams Center staff here at the Adams Blog.  The content varies, but the subject is always the same: teaching and learning.

End-of-Semester Reminders

As the semester draws to a close, we would like to send a few reminders as you wrap up your Canvas courses and get ready for the new semester: Change course dates Remember to check and change (if needed) the end dates of your courses while you have access.  Check this...

Using LinkedIn In Higher Ed

The Adams Center hosted a session about the use of LinkedIn. Over the past couple of years, the question of LinkedIn has come up periodically in the Adams Center. LinkedIn is often seen as a professional networking space for those in the business world or specifically...

Vaccine Roadshow: Covid Vaccines Explained

COVID-19 vaccines are now widely available for our students, faculty, and staff. Several of the scientists here on campus have formed a Vaccine Roadshow where they come in person or on Zoom to Chapels, department meetings, club meetings, and classes to answer...

Convert failed Zoom recordings

If your Zoom recording fails to turn into an mp4 file, you may see something like this in the recording folder.  You can simply click on the "double_click..." file to convert it. It will change to a dialogue box asking you to save it to a path on your computer. Save...

Access Course Meetings Outside of Canvas

Both students and instructors can import their Canvas Calendar into their Google calendar so that all daily events appear in the same place. This is especially helpful if you have Zoom sessions scheduled and Canvas happens to have a load issue during the time of a...

Transparent Assessment Example

In the Adams Center, we have hosted multiple sessions extolling the virtues of "transparent assignments"; that is, assignments that make explicitly clear the purpose of an assignment along with the skills and tasks needed to successfully complete that assignment. This...

Enabling Closed Captioning on Zoom

You could now enable closed captioning on Zoom. To do so, log in to Zoom, go to "settings", and under "In Meeting (Advanced)," turn on closed captioning and "enable live transcription service...". You could also enable "save captions" for participants, or not. Once it...

Tips for adjusting your course activities

There are many ways you can adjust your course activities as timeframes shift. Here are a few tips: If you have multiple calendar items you will need to change due dates, go to the course calendar, and "drag and drop" the items to the next weeks, which would be much...

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