Master Teacher
Training Program

About the Program

The Mission of the ACU Master Teacher Program is to support Christian service and leadership through high-quality teaching and learning. The program serves as the second year of our new faculty orientation, and it is also open to any full-time faculty member. Participants meet monthly throughout one school year (Fall and Spring), engaging in face-to-face and online discussions, observations, and reflection. The Adams Center will notify second-year faculty about their participation in this cohort program prior to the beginning of the school year. Other faculty interested in participating can contact Amy Boone at 

The Master Teacher Program seeks to empower faculty to develop and implement best practices and data-driven techniques into their courses, resulting in long-term significant learning.

This outcome is accomplished using:

1. Research from a breadth of perspectives (cognitive, developmental, and social psychology; educational research; anthropology; demographics; organizational behavior) in order to identify a set of key principles underlying learning

2. Learning theory and data-driven classroom practices

3. Peer feedback

4. Written reflection aligned with expectations for annual evaluations, tenure, and promotion

After completion of the two semesters, including discussion posts, observations, and reflection each participant will be invited to a dinner with the Provost and Vice Provost and receive a certificate of completion.

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