Faculty Success

Faculty Success is a tool for you to update your academic and professional activities and achievements. Using it eliminates frequent requests for information, prepares you for your T&P portfolio, helps you to generate a professional web presence, and generates data for various reports you, your academic department, administrators, and accreditation agencies may need. The name has gone through several changes. It was first known as Activity Insight and then changed to Digital Measures. It is now called Faculty Success. Some of the tutorials below, produced earlier, may still retain the older name, but the functions and features should still be the same.

To access Faculty Success, go to my.acu.edu, and find it from “Quicklinks”. Choose “Faculty Success.” Go to “activities” to access and edit your data. If you are a department chair or program director trying to perform administrative tasks, go to the “manage data” tab, and then enter the user name of your faculty member in order to access his or her data for which you want to provide feedback (such as feedback on “annual goals”.)

Training and Help
To learn how to use Faculty Success, please check this training manual, or contact Rodney Ashlock at ashlockr@acu.edu. To make changes you are restricted from changing directly in Faculty Success, reach out to the contact person listed on the specific page you have trouble with.



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