Faculty Development Committee

Mission: The faculty development committee facilitates, advocates, and provides opportunities and resources for faculty enrichment across the university.

Responsibilities and Functions of the FDC

  • Review proposals and make recommendations to the provost on applications for:
  • Faculty Enrichment Summer Stipends
  • Presidential Fund for Professional Development
  • Assist the Executive Director of the Adams Center and the Provost in identifying faculty enrichment needs.

FDC Meetings

Meetings, as needed, may be called by a chair of the FDC or the director of faculty enrichment, as appropriate to the purpose of the meeting.

Members of the FDC

  • Mike Daugherity (acting chair), Engineering and Physics
  • Laura Carroll (co-chair), Director of Faculty Development
  • Curt Niccum, Biblical Studies
  • Matt Roberson, Music
  • Cherisse Flanagan, Psychology
  • Lorraine Wilson, CEHS
  • Anita Broxson, Nursing
  • Kyle Tippens, COBA
  • Bill Carroll, Language and Literature

The FDC ideally consists of 8 members:

  • 3 representing CAS
  • 1 representing CBS
  • 1 representing COBA
  • 1 representing CEHS
  • 1 Director of Faculty Development (co-chair)
  • 1 representing the Library/PHSSN

Qualifications of FDC Chair

The Director of Faculty Enrichment co-chairs the faculty development committee. This co-chair from the Adams Center votes only to break a tie.


  • Lead in carrying out programs of the FDC.
  • Convene the FDC to carry out committee functions; chair such meetings.
  • Ensure follow-up on meetings, programs.
  • Participate in national and regional faculty enrichment organizations.
  • Lead in developing new initiatives for faculty enrichment.

Qualifications of FDC Members

Members are advocates for faculty enrichment university-wide, generating participation and interest among the faculty they represent. They should be full-time tenured faculty holding rank of assistant or higher.


Chairs recommend to deans two names for each position in their college. Deans confer with the Provost on appointments.

Term of Office

The term of office is three years.


  • Meet when the FDC is convened.
  • Advocate, promote faculty enrichment efforts of the FDC in your college.
  • Assist in carrying out all programs and responsibilities of the FDC.

FDC Member Profile

The faculty development committee is comprised of faculty who are recognized by colleagues as outstanding teachers and scholars; innovative in the classroom and effective in producing learning; current in their own disciplines and broadly knowledgeable of other disciplines; creative thinkers and resourceful problem solvers; diplomatic and maintaining good rapport with faculty university-wide; influential leaders, instrumental in involving others and affecting change in pursuit of excellence.