Instructions for Using Lockdown Browser for Students

Please note that Lockdown Browser works only on a PC, Mac, Chrome or iPad.  Please see the instructions below to get ready BEFORE taking a real quiz your professor gives.

How to Take a Quiz With Lockdown Browser on Your MacBook/PC:

  1. Download the Lockdown Browser and Monitor app to your computer:
    Link to download Lockdown Browser to your computer
  2. Launch your “LockDown Browser” app on your computer.  For PC users, find it from your programs.  You might want to create a Desktop shortcut to it if you cannot find one on your desktop already. For Mac users, launch “LockDown Browser” from the Applications folder, or use Spotlight search to search for “Lockdown Browser”.
  3. Close all other programs before launching the Lockdown Browser. If you have some programs running in the background, you may be prompted to close it.  Choose “Yes” when prompted.  If you see a warning that ARDAgent is preventing access to Lockdown Browser, follow instructions on the screen to quit the application.  Restart the computer if you keep having issues.  Do this before class to get ready as you may have limited time to take a quiz.
  4. Log into your Canvas course using your regular ACU login information.
  5. Navigate to the quiz and click on Take a Quiz.
  6. Take your quiz and submit it.
  7. Exit the program when you have completed the exam.
  8. After completing the quiz, if you find you cannot view feedback and results while using another browser, such as Chrome, Safari, or Firefox, launch Lockdown Browser to view it, as your professor may have requires the use of Lockdown Browser for viewing the feedback and results. Alternatively, your professor may not have released the results yet.

How to Take a Quiz With Lockdown Monitor on Your MacBook/Monitor/Chromebook:

Your professor may also require you to use Respondus Monitor, an add-on feature for LockDown Browser, for non-proctored exams. Respondus Monitor comes with the Lockdown Browser app. No additional software/app is required. Lockdown Monitor uses a webcam to record student exam sessions. Your professor is not personally watching you with the camera. It simply flags suspicious behavior and uses advanced data analysis to determine which exam sessions require the greatest level of attention by instructors.

If Lockdown Monitor is deployed for an exam, you may be asked to complete a few tasks at the beginning, including taking a photo, showing ID, and showing your environment. Your instructor may not use all of these options.

Lockdown Monitor does not work optimally on the iPad. We recommend that you talk with your instructor for options if you only have an iPad.

How to Take a Quiz with Lockdown Browser on your iPad:

  1. Download and Install the free “LockDown Browser” app from the app store.  If you downloaded it some time ago, check if you have updated it from the app store. If your Lockdown Browser app keeps giving you troubles, delete the app and re-download it.
  2. Before a test, launch the LockDown Browser app on your device.
  3. Log in to your Canvas account when prompted.
  4. Find your course and then click on the quiz.
  5. You will see a message to “Confirm App Self-Lock.” Tap on “Yes” to confirm.
  6. Take your quiz and submit it.
  7. Exit the app upon completion of the quiz.

How to Take a Quiz with the Chromebook Extension

  1. Add the extension: Start in Chrome, go to the quiz that uses Lockdown Browser. You will be prompted to download the application with a link. Click on the link, and it will take you to the Chrome web store, where you can click on “Add to Chrome” to install the LockDown Browser Extension.
  2. Clear your browsing history. Click on the three dot toward the top right corner of your page. Go to “History.” Click on “History” and then “Clear Browsing Data.” For “time range,” choose “all time.” Click on the “Clear Data” button.
  3. Log back in: Go back to the tab with Canvas. Refresh it. Log in again when prompted.
  4. Take the quiz. Find the quiz and take it. You will then be in the Lockdown Browser environment to take it.  When you have completed it, click on the “x” at the top right corner to exit. You will see “The exam has completed. Prese the Continue button to exit Lockdown Browser.” Press “Continue” and return to your normal environment.


  1. Take a Sample Quiz: Prior to the first quiz, please take a sample quiz (Your professor may also call it some other names, such as Mock quiz, or test quiz) that uses LockDown Browser and Monitor to make sure you have installed it correctly. You will not be graded for taking this quiz.  You also will have unlimited attempts to take this quiz.
  2. Keep Your App Updated: We recommend that you update your Lockdown Browser app when an update is available.
  3. Get Ready Before an Exam: Have your Lockdown Browser launched and ready to go before a timed exam.
  4. Seek Help: If you find that your Lockdown Browser/Monitor does not work, contact Team 55 for assistance before an exam.