Canvas Studio

Teacher Instructions

Studio is a video production and hosting service within Canvas. You can use to easily create a webcam or screen capture video and share it in your course or via email.

Managing Canvas Studio Media

Additional instructions:

  • Adding a video to your course: The best way to add a video to your course is through a page as you can add explanations for the video. Check here to see how.
  • Video quiz: You can also add a video quiz to your course.  Check here to learn how.
  • Video discussions:  Check here to find how you can use video for discussions.
  • Video for assignments: Check here to learn how to collect video assignments.

Student Instructions

Students can also use Studio to record and upload videos.

Tips for Success

  • You can use Studio to record directly, but you can add any video you own to Studio for easier access in your course.
  • Test before your record a real session.
  • If you want to use the caption feature, keep your background quiet and do not use music.

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