brent couchman: poster

Brent Couchman: Poster – Fossil 2007 Brand Poster – Graphis Poster Annual 2010

brent couchman: logo design

Brent Couchman: Logo – Wire to Ear Records – Communication Arts Design Annual 50

Brent Couchman graduated in 2005 with BFA in Graphic Design, and is currently Senior Graphic Designer at Fossil. His recent projects range from brand posters to illustrations, and has had work featured on various publications such as Print, HOW, Communication Arts, LogoLounge, and The Eisner American Museum of Advertising & Design. Keep your eyes open for his newly featured poster and logo design on Graphis Poster Annual 2010 and Communication Arts Design Annual 50 (comming out soon).

While still being a graphic design major at ACU/Art&Design, Brent’s work was also featured on CMYK magazine which exclusively displays student work from coast to coast. You can see more of his designs from his Flickr page: as Brent finishes his website soon, at least that’s what he tells me! :)