May 14 – July 2, 2012


  • Housing in two ACU Victorian houses in Oxford, just north of the city center
  • Two-week trip to Italy, including four-day stays in Rome and Florence
  • Four-day trip to Paris
  • Four-day trip to Whitby, England
  • Two day-trips to London

Courses Offered/Faculty

ART 341 – Painting I

ART 222 – Art History: General Survey II

ART 440 – Special Topics: Street Photography

ART 440 – Special Topics: Painting or Special Topics: Art History

The faculty leading this program are Prof. Robert Green and Prof. Kenny Jones. They will be accompanied by their spouses Jo Ellen Green and Polly Jones, who are both artists as well (photographer and painter respectively). This program promises to be a rich and varied interactive experience of painting and studying on site in the metropolitan and cultural centers of Europe and the picturesque landscapes and coastal areas of England.

For more information on costs and other details, pick up a flyer and application packet in the art department office, DM142.

Watch for upcoming interest meetings or stop by to visit with the professors or with the staff in the ACU Study Abroad Office, AD124. For more info about the teachers click on Art and Design Study Abroad under Department Resources in the column at right.